4 Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush & How To Fix Them

The moment a toilet won’t flush is a moment of sheer panic. If this is a consistent problem in your home, this will happen again and again not only to you, but other family members and guests. Avoid the stress and let us diagnose what the problem could me. Remember, toilets get a lot of use in your home every day, with no days off. It is only natural that this type of stress on a system will cause certain parts to fail here and there. There are some common reasons why your toilet won’t flush: 

There is a clog 

This is the most common issue as to why your toilet won’t flush. The general rule is to only flush waste and toilet paper, as it is designed for your plumbing. If you flush other items down your toilet, you will get clogged. If you consistently do this, you will get more clogs in the future since there is the possibility the entirety of the previous clog may not have been taken care of. 

Your best course of action in this situation is using a plunger. Sometimes a snake will have to be used to aid in the process. 

A Warped Flapper 

With all of the moving water in a toilet, it is normal for a flapper to become warped over time. The purpose of the flapper is that it opens and closes when the toilet is flushed, allowing water to go from the tank into the toilet bowl. Normal wear and tear on the flapper will cause it to warp and become damaged, causing your toilet to flush improperly. If this is your issue, simply replacing the flapper will get your back to normal toilet function in no time! 

Using the Wrong Chain 

The wrong length chain will cause your toilet to not flush correctly. You need just the right length. If your chain is too short, the flapper will not close properly, causing your toilet to run constantly. On the other hand, if your chain is too long, it will not be able to pull the flapper up to flush the toilet at all. Simply adjusting the length of the chain in the tank, and testing it, will allow you to fix this problem quickly and easily! 

Overflow Tube Issues 

Your overflow tube helps to empty water right into the toilet bowl when flushing. If the overflow tube becomes cracked or damaged, it will not function correctly. Once the overflow tube becomes cracked, the water will run into it, instead of past it, causing it to malfunction. This can be a bit trickier to replace, and you should call a professional plumber to have this repaired before it becomes a larger issue in your home.