5 Things Your Plumber Wish You Knew

These helpful plumbing tips will not only save you money but your plumber’s sanity! It’s also important to know the basic first steps of what to do if a leak or plumbing issue wreaks havoc in your home. 

Where Your Water Main Is

When it comes to dealing with any plumbing issues, the first step is to turn the water off. Homeowners should know where their water main is, where it runs, and how to turn it off and on again. This will help your plumber fix the issue in a timelier fashion. 

Don’t Store Items Under the Sink

We all love that extra storage space under the sink to store cleaning supplies and dish detergent – plumbers don’t. Besides being in the way, the items stored underneath can trap leaks. The curved pipes under your sink allow for wastewater to pass through and blocking them with clutter can increase the risk of the pipes dislodging.

Water Around the Base of the Toilet is BAD!

A common mistake many people make is ignoring the standing water around the base of their toilet. While your toilet may not be clogged or overflowing, standing water around the base is a sign the wax ring seal has failed. If ignored, this could cause rot and mold damage to your subfloor. 

Maintenance Checks Can Save You Time + Money

If it’s not broken, why fix it? We get it. While nothing may seem wrong, it’s best to keep an eye on things by scheduling an annual maintenance check. By doing this, you can save a ton of money down the road! 

Don’t Throw Trash in the Toilet

Feminine products, paper towels, dental floss, hair from a brush, and those disposable whips labeled ‘flushable’ shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. These items can clog a toilet in a blink of an eye. Do yourself (& your plumber) a favor and only flush toilet paper!

By following these tips, you can decrease your risk of running into a plumbing issue down the road along with, knowing the first steps to take if an issue arises, and how to prevent issues from happening. If you need help with any plumbing issue, give our team at 9-1-1 Plumbing a call!