Benefits of Using a Professional Plumber 

The sink is clogged, a pipe bursts, or your adorable child shoved a toy down the drain, what do you do? Get out your handy tool belt and your smart phone, queue up a YouTube how to video and get to work – right? Wrong! Whether you are a novice or a self-made handyman, there are true benefits to hiring a professional plumber from a certified plumbing company. Here are some reasons to call the experts when you need your pipes fixed ASAP: 

Professional Knowledge 

Do you know where your water comes in to your home from the street? Do you know where in the ceiling the pipe for your toilet runs  and where it goes to? Do you know the exact lay out of all the pipes in your home behind your walls, ceilings and in the basement? A professional plumber can run tests, diagnose a problem and assess the situation quicker than you can locate all the tools needed. A professional plumber will know exactly where to look to start fixing the issue. 

Damage Coverage

Professional plumbers know what they are doing, so the likelihood of unnecessary damage is lower than if you go routing around in your walls or ceilings. Oh, and once you are done you’ll have to fix it and pay for it (unforeseen costs and time!). A professional will have insurance coverage, so if damage happens in the repair process, it is covered. A nice peace of mind for you!

Straight to the Source 

If you are able to fix your problem, it might only be for the moment and you could be dealing with a larger, chronic issue. A professional plumber will be able to quickly assess how small or large an issue is, and where the source of it is. The professional will know where the water enters your home, and where the other shut offs are in your home. This knowledge is invaluable especially when time is of the essence. 

The Right Tools for the Job 

While you might have some tools available, they might not be the right ones for the job, or the tool to get it done in the best or more efficient manner. A more advanced snake, a scope to find the issue, or a fancier wrench – whatever it is, they will know the best of the best, and have it to fix your problem. 

Savings & Safety 

Many times in life, doing a project DIY will result in cost savings – plumbing is not one of those times. Along with the expertise that comes along with paying for an expert, also comes the safety. What seems like a small job, can turn into a nightmare quickly, i.e. unclogging a toilet, it over flows and floods your home (it could then ruin floors, ceilings, and walls, possibly resulting in the need for more professional repairs, and more money). See where we are going with this?