Five Signs of a Dishwasher Issue

Cooking and eating is a joyous part of life. It’s fun, social, smells and tastes good, but then you have to clean up after. And no one likes that part! Enter the dishwasher – a modern miracle for efficient and easy kitchen clean up. That is until they don’t work. Do you notice odd signs that there is an issue with yours? If there ever is an issue – we can help. But to prevent an unplanned headache here are some signs a problem could be brewing: 

Poor Drainage 

It can be normal for some water to come up into your sink during use, and go down quickly. If you begin to notice it taking longer to clear, or not clearing at all, this is a bad sign. This means that your sewer drain is nearly clogged and could result in larger issues in the future. 

Odd Noises 

Using your dishwasher most days, you come to know it’s normals sounds. So when a new sound is occurring, this should be a red flag. Usually this sounds like an odd gurgling sound, coming from your drain or the machine itself. This usually means there is a blockage that water is trying to push through, causing for concern of a clog in your main or secondary sewer lines. Call us to help with an exact diagnosis. 

Water Waste Left Behind

Once your dishwasher has run its normal cycle, there should be no water left in the bottom of the machine when you go to unload. This means your machine is definitely not draining properly, it’s time to not start a DIY home project and call us ASAP.

Doing Double Duty 

There are many detergent ads on television saying “What the point of the dishwasher if it doesn’t wash the dishes?” While at time’s it could be the detergent, or it could be the sign of a clogged main line, not allowing the machine to properly cleanse your cookware.