Garbage Disposal Repair

Your garbage disposal is one of those things you probably never see but you use almost every day. As a result, it’s important that your garbage disposal is working properly! Unfortunately, garbage disposals can be fickle – you never know what will cause them to break.

The average garbage disposal usually lasts approximately 10-12 years before it needs to be replaced – if it’s used properly. Improper use or lack of maintenance, however, could shorten that lifespan considerably.

Proper Use of the Garbage Disposal

Don’t mistake it’s name for being associated with true garbage. Although garbage disposals are built to be durable, they’re NOT designed for disposal of household items or large quantities of kitchen debris. A garbage disposal is intended to cut soft foods into small pieces so it can be washed down the drain.

It’s important to note a few items that should NEVER go down the disposal:

  • Egg Shells, Potato Peels, Banana Peels, Bones of any kind, Coffee grounds, Fruit Pits & Seeds, Non-food items, Grease or Fats, Anything that’s stringy or fibrous – like pumpkin, celery, asparagus, corn husks or onion peels.

The good news is, if your garbage disposal breaks, there’s an easy way to get them to start working again – just call 9-1-1 Plumbing! We can fix your garbage disposal anywhere on The Grand Strand no matter what’s wrong with it.

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