Myrtle Beach Plumbing: Spring Plumbing Tips

As the groundhog’s shadow predicted, spring is coming in hot this year. With the warmer weather starting early it is extremely important to follow through with the much dreaded but, also much needed, spring cleaning. During winter months it is very possible that plumbing within your home or business could have become out of whack. Cooler temperatures can potentially allow for different plumbing issues to begin to arise as the spring season approaches. It is not uncommon for small things like leaking pipes to turn into catastrophic issues such as the bursting of pipes if it is not checked.

Leaking pipes:

During the harsh winter months, pipes can easily become frozen or even filled with air due to the decrease in temperature. Leaking pipes don’t seem so bad until your home is dramatically affected by the issues that can slowly stem from what seems to be a harmless leak. Leaks, even slow ones, can allow for pipes to begin to potentially burst which can result in catastrophic damage to your home or business.

Leaking pipes can easily go unnoticed and is many times overlooked by homeowners and small businesses. It is extremely important to have a certified and trained specialist inspect pipes to ensure that any leak- big or small, is fixed correctly. 911 Plumbing is trained and certified to fix and leak or burst that may have been caused by the low and cool temperatures.

Sump pump:

We all know the saying, April showers bring May flowers but do we know what to do if April brings too many showers? The answer- A sump pump.

A sump pump is responsible for being able to remove water that tends to flood within a specific area. We typically see this in lower areas of a home or building such as basements or crawl spaces, usually because the water pools to the lowest possible region. During winter months it is not uncommon for sump pumps to freeze. This can result in a number of different issues. One being that if the sump pump freezes it makes the removal of unnecessary water to become nearly impossible.

During winter months, debris can likely become stuck in your sump pump which can also affect the service and longevity of your pump. It is important to have debris removed and have your pump cleaned annually to ensure that it can effectively remove water within your home or business and prevent any issues for the upcoming spring season.

Water heater:

Water heaters are essential to both homeowners and small businesses because obviously without it we would not have hot water for the brisk temperatures that rear their head during the winter season, or ultimately any season. During the winter months it is ordinary that debris and sediment can build up in any water heater system which can result in water temperature to fluctuate quite often, it can clog valves which bring in and spit out the water, and not to mention it is very possible that the water heater can become so eroded that homeowners or businesses may be forced to get a new one. It is crucial to have your water heater cleaned and maintained following winter seasons to help prevent erosion and sediment build up within your water heater.

The water heater within your home should be check on roughly every six months or so. We can clean your water heater which can increase the longevity of your water heater. In addition, if there are leaky pipes within your home, the water heater can be affected causing it to possibly burn out much quicker than it should.

It is also common that water heater temperatures were altered to fit the winter months. If that is the case, we can alter the water heater to produce a lower temperature that might have been raised for the colder months.

Drain cleaning:

Drain cleaning should be number one on your spring cleaning list this year.

It is extremely important to get your drains cleaned because it can remove anything that could have been clogged from the winter months. Different drains within the home can be affected through the use of everyday life. As for the bathroom, Hair, toothpaste, soap, and even dirt can cause drains to become clogged fairly quickly which can result in pipes bursting or the inability to spit your toothpaste down the sink after you brush your teeth. The same goes for the kitchen as well. Different foods can get stuck in the drain or garbage disposal which can result in unwanted clogged drains. A clogged drain can result in a number of different issues including water obviously not being able to be properly removed from the home or business. If water is not being able to get out, water can soon overflow or cause flooding.

It is important to contact 9-1-1 Plumbing in the event that you need drain cleaning. We are licensed and specialized in safely and dependably cleaning drains.