Proper Garbage Disposal Upkeep

A true luxury in the home, the garbage disposal helps to keep the home tidy, and lessens clean up time in the kitchen. Households become reliant on this appliance, so if or when it isn’t working, we don’t know what to do! Don’t fret – there are simple things you can do everyday to help keep your garbage disposal functioning properly!

Water, water, and more water! When using your garbage disposal, water is your friend! Before turning on the disposal turn on the cold water, and let it run a few seconds. Once all of the food has been processed, the noise of the disposal will become a softer hum. Turn off the disposal, but continue to let the water run for another 20 seconds (still using cold water). The running water helps the blades through process the food, and also clean them up, allowing all particles to be completely swept out through your pipes.

Types of Foods
Garbage disposals are engineered to chop up food items that are soft and easy to cut up. They are not meant to do the work of a chainsaw, so items such as seeds, pits, bones, etc will not grind and could possibly damage your disposal. Also any foods that are stringy/fibrous should not be put into the garbage disposal as they could wrap around the blades. For that reason it is recommended to avoid anything such as corn husks, onion skins, certain squashes, egg shells and more.

There are some easy tricks to maintain your garbage disposal using simple house hold items. Once a month empty a tray of ice cubes into the disposal and turn it on, allowing it to grind them up thoroughly. Run the water after to help clear out the ice. Doing this helps to naturally sharpen the blades. Another great trick is to use a half cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar in the disposal. Allow it to fizz and work it’s magic, while you make some boiling water to then dump down the drain, acting as a natural sanitizer.